Snowball Mining to Offer SBM 3P Services, a Decentralized Mining and Hosting solution

posted on 18th of july 2018

We are proud to introduce our first service offering, SBM 3P Services (Pilot Program). Snowball Mining is launching 3P Services in partnership with QTS Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: QTS).  SBM 3P Services will offer an all-inclusive white label collocation service for ASIC miners that can be hosted at one of our highly equipped and advanced partner network data facilities.

In addition to our tokenized mining project, we are now able to confidently offer owners of mining equipment a proven and reputable solution for security, insurance, and maintenance - in addition to all their operational mining needs. The service is priced to also cover operational costs, including electricity, cooling and exhausting. The insurance coverage will be provided by Equinox Global Ltd, a trusted specialist in trade credit insurance policy.

SBM 3P Services will launch the pilot program first, followed by a general consumer launch later this year. Snowball Mining will be taking advance orders starting July 31st to August 21st. We will limit the first implementation to a maximum of 2500 units on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What does this mean for token holders?
SBM 3P Services will generate a new channel of revenue stream that will accompany mining reward dividends. We expect to expand globally via QTS’s vast network of facilities by Q1 2019.

Terms & Conditions
The Agreement
Interested parties will receive a copy of an official agreement with the details of all terms & conditions upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.
When shipping your miners please include the following:
-      (2) Shipping labels as provided by Snowball Mining (To be provided) with every outer package.
Placing a spare label inside the package will help us identify your shipment if the original label becomes detached or damaged
-      For every one (1) ASIC miner, one (1) compatible PSU.

Price: $100 USD per ASIC per month
Minimum Order
Quantity: 25 ASICS + 1 Year Commitment
Terms: Prepayment of 2 months (security deposit)
Crypto Payments: We will accepts payments in BTC/ETH via Coinbase.
Fiat Payments: TBD

We will follow-up and provide additional details as well as a registration form on July 31st. Please feel free to contact us via our website or on Telegram for further details, questions or concerns!
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Team Snowball

Preparing for growth

posted on 12th of june 2018

We are now preparing the SBM facillity for growth as we go into the second half of the month. We installed new doors for two new sections (see pic 1) and we are prepairing through the facilities to get the operation as streamlined as possible with little human intervention. This will help us in when hiring human resources while preventing tampering from curious fingers. We also received fan units for air volume ventilation (see pic 2) for each compartment. 1x unit per 50 rigs with the most important piece of the puzzle until (see pic 3) we move towards FPGA to mine altcoins.  By the end of this week we finish with adding more miners. In the pictures you can see the 'Cold Room' where the temperature fluctuates between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius. On the other side of the wall is the hot room where all the heat exhausts, this room is 28 c.

Mining has started!

posted on 7th of june 2018

Mining and the sale of our SBM tokens has started successfully and we are already working on expanding the mining facillity. Our network hashrate growth is the underlying strength behind each SBM token. So most of the compartments have already been prepped. The electric wiring is completed, connections are being made as each compartment goes live. We have 97 Asic units on hand ready for setup which will effectively grow our network hashrate another 1.3 PH/s. We expect to cross the 1,000 Asic threshold by end of June.