A Decentralized Mining Project
Snowball Mining has a current operating mining facility based in Canada. SBM is operating hundreds of current generation Bitmain Asic S9 (13.5 TH/s). Our goal is to maintain an effective green facility while expanding our network hash rate with the vote of our community. Instead of selling termed cloud mining contracts, we are looking to convert our network hashrate into an investor support/reward solution.

Low Cost & longterm

SBM tokens cost $1 USD per token during token sale. Hodl the tokens in your erc20 compatible wallet and receiving lifetime ETH dividends directly into your wallet at the end of each consecutive month. A token sale in June will entitle SBM holders to receive their first dividend payout at the end of June.


Dividends will deploy on the last day of each month. It would not be advised to trade your tokens until you receive your dividends on such days. Factors such as rising difficulty and addition of more miners will affect rewards and percentages of dividends. We expect payout to average out at 10% per month of your capital investment.

Why SBM?

Snowball Mining is a running operation and all capital raised will leverage the network hash rate that will benefit the entire community through sustained dividends during volatile difficulty/price fluctuations.

Token distribution

Sustainability is key. With therising mining difficulty of Bitcoin, our growth must negate these challenges as we continue operation and prep for the long-term.


This project is unique in the sense it is already in operation and the funds raised through this token sale will be used to expand the network hashrate while rewarding the investor with sustained dividends each month.

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Philip Dirven

creative director

Started as a graphic designer and expanded towards filmmaking and branding with an experience of 8 years with clients such as Jägermeister and Vice. After discovering the blockchain and crypto world he decided to work on a decentralized mining concept and found an investor to start Snowball Mining.

Emmanuel Chanson

development specialist.

Has 4 years experience with a telco vendor as application integrator and worked 8 years for a telco operator as a monitoring expert. Currently managing a team to build a network operation center. Now working as a developer on web applications.

Jesus Rico vargas

ICO Manager / Strategy

Digital marketing strategist of his own agency jesusricovargas.com and in love with Bitcoin mining and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Michael Naftaliev

business strategy consultant

His interests include learning, networking and empowering others. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, which he obtained from Lauder Business School.

Haydar Ozturk

Community Manager

Has 2 years college experience one being Chemistry another being Turkish-English translation. Now becoming a self-thought developer and learner of Python, Javascript, Java.